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Lunar Lessons For The Little Astrologer - Paperback Book

Lunar Lessons For The Little Astrologer - Paperback Book

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Lunar Lessons For The Little Astrologer is an exploration of classical astrology and astronomy through rituals for both the new and full moon. Written with an appreciation for history, this book combines elements of mindfulness, breath-work and creative activities.

  • Reading Age: 6-12
  • Grade Level: K-6th
  • Total Pages: 35

Intended Audience:

Ideal for Parents and Children

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Dear Grown-ups,

Life moves so fast these days! Between work, parenting, and endless to-do lists, finding moments to connect with your family can feel like a distant dream. That's why I created this book—to help you carve out time for each other and create meaningful experiences. With 24 rituals for new and full moons, this workbook is your roadmap to reconnection, guiding you back to the moments that matter most. So, take a deep breath, gather your loved ones, and let's embark on this journey together.

Why This Book is Important?

This book will teach you and your little ones how to connect with one of Earth's oldest friends—the Moon! Through fun rituals and activities, you'll explore how the Moon impacts our lives and create magical memories together. With 24 engaging activities for the new and full moons, you'll celebrate each lunar cycle and discover the Moon's influence on your feelings and inner world. Get ready for an exciting adventure of self-discovery and lunar magic that brings your family closer together!

Your Guide 🌟

Meet Danielle, your guide at Little Mystic School. With over fifteen years of experience as a mom, writer, and astrologer, I'm dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of astrology and mindfulness in parenting. Join me on this transformative journey, where every celestial insight nurtures the bond between you and your little ones.