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Little Mystic Leader

Hello, lovely friends,


Welcome to the world of Little Mystic School. I'm  over the moon that you've decided to join us!


My name is Danielle. I'm a mom, writer, astrologer, teacher, and a lifelong explorer on the path of healing and transformation.


I've been on this wonderful journey of spiritual well-being for quite a while now. Over the last fifteen years, I've had the privilege of learning from some truly remarkable teachers, and I've earned certifications in yoga, prenatal yoga, meditation, reiki, and astrology.

I've also had the pleasure of sharing my work with various publications, writing three books, creating online courses, and collaborating with a bunch of fantastic educators and students.


My heart's deepest desire is to share these incredible tools with kids and their grown-ups, so that together, they can lead lives filled with boundless joy.

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