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Summer's School Day Scaires - eBook

Summer's School Day Scaires - eBook

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Summer's School Day Scaries invites you to dive into a heartwarming story that illustrates mindfulness breathing techniques, specifically crafted to alleviate those back-to-school anxieties. Inside, follow the endearing tale of a shy young girl as she grapples with the challenges of starting a new school year, finding comfort in the gentle embrace of mindfulness.
  • Reading Age: 3-7
  • Grade Level: K-2nd
  • Total Pages: 32

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Tailored for Parents to Read to Their Kids

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Your Guide 🌟

Meet Danielle, your guide at Little Mystic School. With over fifteen years of experience as a mom, writer, and astrologer, I'm dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of astrology and mindfulness in parenting. Join me on this transformative journey, where every celestial insight nurtures the bond between you and your little ones.